About the Artist



Liz Hubbard Freiberg

B. 1990 Alabama 

Based in Birmingham, Alabama 


Liz is a contemporary acrylic painter and self taught artist. Liz has been painting for nearly 20 years and lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband and two poodles. Past career avenues of exploration in the music industry, as well as french antiques, and Liz’s love of travel have all been essential forces and building blocks to her living a life full of creativity. Leaning in and learning to let go of the perfectionism, live in the chaos and messiness has been essential in freeing from the confines and recently becoming a full time artist. Liz’s deeply intuitive connection to her pieces will often have your eyes returning to the artwork for more. 


Artist Statement  


I am a lover of many things not exclusive to unique style maximalist interior design fashion almost all animals art flowers and books; all of which inspire me everyday. Through life experiences different encounters and the simplicity woven into our complex worlds, I have learned to create my own beautiful immersive experience by living and creating art, art I love and art I love to share with the world. Also through years of exploration in color texture and perception in creating, an eclectic and distinctive painting style has become visible from each piece of artwork. In absolute awe of the often unspoken beauty art is capable of creating most importantly connecting and communicating through us all. Lots of Love!






The Cottage Journal  - French Cottage 

Publication Winter 2019




Collaborative Art Show - ‘Creative Kickback’

Group Exhibition - November 2023


LH Studio Release  - ‘Studio Line Studies’

Online Gallery Release - November 2023


LH Studio Release - ‘Lady Lines’ 

Online Gallery Release - December 2023